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The Tai Tao Foundation has been established to deliver Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Programs to corporate clients, social groups and individuals.

The focus of The Tai Tao Foundation is to promote Taoism, Good Health & Well Being and Self Defence. This is achieved through participation in activities such as Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Chi Gung, San Sau and other methodologies. 

Acupuncture, I Ching Readings, Feng Shui and various other disciplines associated with Taoist philosophy and living are offered by trained, certified and qualified consultants. 

The Tai Tao Foundation NOW offer instruction in the art of Wu Tai Chi Chuan.

Classes run each Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30pm (please arrive >10 Minutes early) in Port Melbourne at the beautiful training hall at the Liardet Community Centre located

154 Liardet St, Port Melbourne. Victoria. 3207

Students learn the principles & foundations of Chi Gung & Tai Chi, the Golden 8 Set and other training methods. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to progress at your own pace through the entire Tai Chi Form under careful instruction.

The art is designed for all age groups with a friendly, respectful and co-operative attitude promoted and expected of all participants. The door is the place where we leave our ego by way of a gentle “bow in” (“bow out” when we leave) and an understanding that we are all here to help each.

First lesson free
$20 per lesson with no ongoing membership fees*
Existing students who bring along a new participant shall also enjoy that lesson free.
Bookings are recommended but not essential, please click HERE to book your spot and purchase our Exclusive Range of Tai Tao Foundation active wear.*

Ring Sifu Ben on 0448046888 or click here to email your enquiry.

*Subject to amendment

154 Liardet Street, Port Melbourne. Victoria. Australia